• "Tiger Tribe Trails" are curated tours, facilitated by Gond tribes

    The Gonds, guardians of these primeval forests have been living in harmony with tigers and nature for centuries. These tours are designed to showcase lifestyles, stories, nature and art of India's most ecologically sustainable community.

  • Tiger Tribe Story

  • Towards conservation of the tigers, vast regions have been designated as tiger reserves, leading to conservation of the forests and ecosystems for the tiger populations to sustain and boom in tiger tourism. Being displaced from their traditional lands, tribal communities on the living on the fringe of the tiger reserves are often on the receiving end of the animal- man conflict.
    Community Based Rural Tourism (CBRT) can be an effective means for traditional communities to earn income by showcasing their traditional lifestyles and be incentivized to conserve their way of life & biodiversity. Hence in this project it is proposed to initiate CBRT managed by tribal communities by developing the capacities of the people within.
    We are building to are trying to achieve this by facilitating the formation & functioning of village level institutions to run, manage and own responsible rural tourism in their villages; training the local women and youth in hospitality services; building market linkages to draw visibility to these tribal initiatives. These will create urban – rural interactions and will also bring in financial returns and will enhance livelihood opportunities.

  • Experience Nature

    Untamed nature at the tigers backyard

  • Experience Tribal stories

    Sitting on high machaans, sipping on piping hot tea..

    listen to tales from master storytellers

  • Experience ancient lifestyles

    Ancient symbiotic relationships between humans and nature

  • Experience GOnd art

    Stories through paintings

  • The Experience

    Your Tiger Tribe Trail

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    To book a trail, please contact your hotel's travel desk at Pench MP

  • Partners

    Improving sustainable livelihoods through responsible tourism

    A philanthropic initiative with a mission “to protect in perpetuity sensitive habitats by engaging and educating local communities as custodians of their natural environment.”

    Madhya Pradesh Forest Department is engaged in management of largest forest area in the country,

    which includes a population of 95 lakh tribals, Nine National Parks and Twenty Five Wildlife Sanctuaries.

    A venture improving sustainable livelihoods through responsible tourism.